ReuniCon 2017 – The Big D30

Well it’s nearly time once again for the now annual BURPS RPG Games Day – “ReuniCon”, in Brighton.  This year its on Saturday 2nd September and we are again hosting the event at a great venue, the “Dice Saloon“.  What started out life as a reunion for a bunch of friends who used to be members of the roleplaying society at Brighton University has grown to be an annual event. Now open to the public, with guest GMs and a healthy following of returning attendees.

This year is quite special for me and others as organisers of the event because it actually marks thirty (gulp!) years since the roleplaying society was formed at what was then Brighton Polytechnic.  We have come a long way since those early games in a university canteen and there are a few things that I think are quite amazing about that journey.

For one, when we started playing at college in the late eighties our society started very small and became huge, at one point we had over a hundred active members who met each week to play their games.  We were, for a while, the third biggest non sporting society at the polytechnic, behind only the at the LGBT society (it’s Brighton for goodness sake we were never going to be bigger than that), and the Christian Union.   Moreover, it didn’t stop there, almost everyone was playing in other games outside of the society, it was by far and away the one of the biggest parts of my university experience.  There are also an incredible number of us who have stayed in touch during the last thirty years, I’m not sure how normal it is for folk to be in fairly regular contact with university friends after so many years, and despite being a little bit older and wider, when we get together we just seem to slot right back into the way things have pretty much always been.  The friendships that formed over the roleplaying tabletop have proven to be some of the strongest and best friendships that you could really hope to have.

Secondly for the few of us who were part of that original groups committee and are now organisers of the annual ReuniCon event, a driving goal was always to promote our hobby.  To bring new people to the roleplay table and to generally share what we think is a really amazing and social way to make friends.  Last year when I looked around the games tables I was thrilled to find people who had never played before, people bringing their children along and playing with them, others who were returning to us for a second or third year, many who had been with me at university as well as a whole bunch of complete strangers. All sitting and laughing and playing together.  From kids in their teens to people in their late forties – all having a great time.

I love tabletop roleplay games.  Its a hobby that is engaging, creative, rich , diverse, and is open to anyone.  So, why not give us a go at ReuniCon in September?  Come and play a game or two.  You can find everything you need to know at including how to book tickets for the day and how to reserve places on some of our more popular games.  We are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Maybe I’ll see you in September?