miskatonic.co.uk was set up in early 2000 as a way to keep in touch with a close group of friends and colleagues and as a medium through which to share a common interest in roleplaying games, card and boardgames.  Since then it has undergone a number of evolutions and today it continues to fulfill that original concept whilst having a much broader audience.

Over the years many people have asked “why Miskatonic?”, what is that all about? The name is taken from the writings of american author HP Lovecraft, which have inspired generations of authors, filmmakers and games designers/writers. In Lovecraft’s tales he introduces a number of mysterious places, among them Arkham, a fictional town in Massachusetts which sits on the Miskatonic river. It is from the river that Arkham’s University, Miskatonic, takes its name. Its from here that inspiration for the website comes.

It is to be hoped that you enjoy your visit to miskatonic.co.uk, a great deal of fun has been had in putting it together and maintaining it over the years. miskatonic.co.uk seeks to be a part of the wider games community, the reviews you will find here have no allegiances, there is no bias, simply the opinion and view of the author, Derek Mayne.

Derek Mayne

Derek grew up in South Yorkshire, but now lives with his wife in rural Scotland and has an adult daughter of whom he is incredibly proud.  Since graduating from university in Brighton in 1991 Derek has worked within Information Technology, in a variety of industries including publishing, retail and latterly the financial services industry. Over the years Derek has applied himself to most aspects of the IT industry from software design and development, project and programme management through to infrastructure solution design and delivery, application support and service delivery. Latterly he has focussed it Technology Risk and Control, where he is able to bring a practical and technology based viewpoint to the Risk agenda. Derek now chooses to focus his efforts into providing independent skills and advice on project/programme management, IT Risk management – Operational and Security Risk including Cyber – and helping to address interim IT management challenges that clients may face. If you want to know more about Derek and his professional experience and interests please take a look at www.miskatonic.ltd.uk

Outside of work Derek enjoys reading, listening to a wide range of music, has continues learning to play the guitar. With his family Derek enjoys attending concerts and folk music festivals and is also a keen photographer and board game enthusiast. His first love hobby however remains roleplay games of all kinds. Since the 1980’s Derek has been playing, running and writing roleplay games and materials for those games. Whilst having a wide ranging appreciation of these games his favorites remain those inspired by Lovecraft, particularly those directly referencing the lovecraftian horror genre such as;”Call of Cthulhu”, “Trail of Cthulhu”, “Shadows of Cthulhu”, “Macabre Tales” as well as many, many others.


Derek was one of a number of close friends who have organised a “roleplaying reunion” for members of Brighton Universities roleplaying society to celebrate its inception in 1987, the original “BURPS ReuniCon”, held in 2007, was a great success and many more have been held since. 2015 was a landmark in the events evolution as ReuniCon opened its doors to the public for the first time and welcomed newcomers to join their day of RPG fun.  In 2017 the group will celebrate 30 years of gaming – lots more details of the event can be found on the ReuniCon website www.reunicon.uk.